Photographer and Retoucher working in London

About me

Creating images of jewellery, products, fashion, models.

Hello, I’m Andrea.

Nice to meet you.
I was born and raised in a beautiful island, Sicily, destination of many historical writers from all over the world. An island where the light and the art embrace you all the year.
I have start taking photos many years ago, initially for fun, when my father gave me a 35mm film camera, a Yashica FX-3, in my small hands. I was eight years old. I still have it in my studio, in full working condition.
I was not born in the photography business: I started by myself and from scratch six years ago.
Since then I did not stop studying and improving my skills.
I am crazy about food. Food and advertising let me go through different points of view, study the object that stands in front of my camera, allowing me to experiment with colours, shapes, texture, composition and, of course, light.
Like almost every Italian people I am friendly, down-to-earth and sometimes funny!
I am curious, eager to learn. I like to learn from people I meet, and I love to give them something back.
I love working in team for a common goal. I always do everything in my ability to reach it working together.
Working in studio with artificial light or outdoor, with natural light, it does not matter.

My vision

I have successfully worked in collaboration with creative agencies, wedding / event planner and destination management company with international clients, in breath-taking locations.
I have crafted creative and unique images for the web and printed campaigns for various clients, often working independently and on my initiative, in order to achieve the best visual result.
My visual style always reflects the target market and the client needs in terms of visual message, mastering composition and light to sculpt the scene and the subject.
I am looking for new challenges and my main goal is to further improve my skills in a new country and culture as an integral part of a successful team.
This led me to London, where I am happily living today, working for an established fashion studio since one year and a half.

Personal Info

  • As an Italian I love pasta, pizza and all the typical recipes from my region.
  • I like to listen to music (classical, rock, pop and some electronic too)
  • Enthusiast about IT
  • Addicted to astronomy, astrophysics and space in general
  • I love to read books (and fashion magazines), especially about photography, marketing, design, IT.
  • I love SciFi books and movies
  • I love animals, especially dogs and cats. I have a 8 years old cat, its name is Nico. It never stops eating, but never get fat. Some kind of secret workout?

I’m a proud member of the national Italian photography association Tau Visual.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Media Encoder

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Windows OS & Networking

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign

Attended Workshops

  • “Ostuni Workshop” / Ostuni (Apulia) – ITALY / October 2018

    Wedding photography workshop: a professional experience with an international profile

  • “Outside the Box” / Rome – ITALY / held by Fabrizia Costa / January 2018

    Business and marketing strategies workshop for professional photographers

  • “Still Life” / Siena – ITALY / held by Daniele Fiore (still-life photographer) / October 2016

    Advanced workshop about still-life market and business, lighting in studio, knowledge of materials, managing equipment, software, retouching.
    Organized by Marianna Santoni.

  • “Lighting In The Studio” / Siena – ITALY / held by Marianna Santoni / October 2016

    Workshop for improving skills in lighting in studio, managing equipment, posing models

What I am using for personal projects

Photography Equipment

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (with official C-LOG), Canon EOS 6D, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EOS M, Panasonic Lumix GH4
  • Canon EF 35mm 1.4 L USM, Canon EF 50mm 1.2 L USM, Canon EF 14mm 2.8 II L USM, Canon EF 70-200mm 2.8 II L IS USM, Canon EF 24-70 f/4 IS L USM, Canon EF 85mm 1.8 USM
  • Full studio lighting setup (strobes, led lights, light modifiers, tripods, fluid heads, backgrounds, props, etc.)